5 Top Tips for Using a Bike Box

If you’ve hired your bike box from us in Oxfordshire, or have one of your own, make sure you avoid common mistakes when taking a bike abroad.

Taking your bike on a plane?

If you’re taking your bike box on a plane we recommend hiring a Bike Box Alan travel case. It’s the toughest bike box on the market so you know your trip won’t be brought to an early finish by a clumsy baggage handler.

You may need to book your bike box on your flight as extra baggage. Check out our Airline Bike Information for more details.

Here are our five top tips for using a bike box.

1. Make sure the bike is protected from damage and is 100% secure

The Bike Box Alan is fitted with a steel anti-crush pole and velcro straps keep your bike in place. We like to use foam tubing as an added layer of security to protect the frame, headset and derailleur. When you hire from Banbury Bike Box Hire foam tubing is included.

Keep your bike box safely closed by using a combination lock and secure the other fastening clips with cable ties. (Cable ties are also supplied by us!).

See the video on our website How to Pack a Bike Box or by scanning the QR code on the inside of the box to help you.


2. Book your Bike Box onto the flight

Some airlines have weight restrictions so confirm that you can book a bike box on your flight.

3. Tighten all bolts

When removing the seat post, headset remember to tighten the bolts. They may become loose due to the vibration of the flight and the last thing you want to be doing is looking for a small bolt!

4. Remember your allen keys!

Remember to take a set of the relevant allen keys to reassemble your bike including a pre-set torque tool.

5. Lighten the carry on

Use your bike box to store the essentials such as clothing, bottles, helmet, track pump, gels and nutrition, sun protection and anything else that will lighten the load of your carry on bag.

Get in touch if you’d like to reserve a Bike Box Alan for your next trip. – Reserve Now.

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