Ride the Vuelta – Why you need to cycle in the Basque Country

After winning his 4th Tour de France title, Froome is now on the hunt for La Vuelta’s red jersey. But can he do the double on 2017?

The Vuelta a España takes place Saturday August 19th to Sunday September 10th 2017 and we will be watching Froome’s progress every step of the way.

The tour covers a total of 21 stages equating to a total distance of 3,297.70 kilometres including:

  • 5 flat stages and 1 flat with high-altitude finales stage
  • 8 hill stages
  • 5 mountain stages
  • 1 individual time trial stage
  • 1 team time trial stage

I.e not for the faint hearted.

In celebration of this year’s tour, we will be exploring what makes each stage of the race truly unique and why Spain makes a perfect destination for cycling holidays, depending on what you like doing the most. Meaning, you can participate, without doing the whole thing. Our first part of the series takes a look at cycling in Northern Spain.

Bilbao to Oviedo (Gijon) 

Ideal if: You’re looking for a challenge. You love cider, and breath-taking mountainous landscapes.

Taking you through Basque Country, Cantabria and Asturias, this glorious route takes you through mountain landscapes that Northern Spain has to offer. It’s fair to say this route is for you if you’re looking for a challenge combined with a quiet and peaceful holiday setting.


20214175_1333694230061383_855245825356333056_n (1)

Photo credit: https://www.instagram.com/danivelascog/

You’ll be faced with one of the most feared climbs renowned in road cycling – the Alto Del Angliru, averaging at whopping 9.9% gradient over 12.5km, with the last six kilometres closer to 13%. And if this wasn’t tough enough, you’ll meet Puerto de Urkiola on the way, and El Cordal will follow after your descent. Surprisingly this will feel like a “cycle” in the park after conquering the Alto Del Angliru.

Make the most out of your surroundings

Cycling abroad is all about experiencing new things, and ultimately you do want to relax as well, since you’ve travelled for pleasure and you have some extra calories floating about from your hard-hitting climbs.

The Basque country cuisine and authentic dishes of Cantabria will give you a taste of Spanish culture while enjoying the beautiful scenery and exploring stunning national parks. When you reach the last stage of your journey, be sure to try out the famous Asturiano cider. What better way to reward yourself.

11939274_417676345088965_157695049_nPhoto credit: https://www.instagram.com/chuslinde/

Why not take your ultimate companion with you – your bike. Riding the bike you’ve trained hard with at home means you benefit from familiarity, and giving you extra comfort that it is your bike of choice, set up specifically and correctly to suit you.

Taking your bike abroad has never been so easy. Contact Banbury Bike Box hire if you’d like to know more information for getting your bike there safely.

Already taking a bike box away with you? Read our top tips for taking using a bike box to make sure your bike gets to your destination safe and sound.


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