Why you need to ride the Dolomites

Are you prepared? Pre-registration for the Maratona Dles Dolomites is officially open. The 2018 edition with be held on Sunday 1st July.

It is not for the faint hearted that is for sure. Considered one of the toughest routes there is in the
cycling world, the adventure takes you through gruelling mountainous climbs enough to make you question “what on earth am I doing here?!” An easily imagined quote by all riders! Fortunately, the incredible sense of achievement “overrides” these few moments of uncertainty.

The route – and atmosphere along the way!

The route takes you through 7 spectacular mountain passes. This includes Passo Do Pordoi, which is ridden by the professionals in the Giro D’Italia with 2239m of climbing, on an average incline of 7%.

There really has got to be something said about the atmosphere that helps you along the way. The locals really turn out for the event and welcome all the riders whilst they all strive to conquer the incredibly high mountain climbs. Proud supporters are looking to support their relations or friends taking on the mighty task in front of them.

Those postcards images can never do justice what it actually is to look across the breath-taking
views. Although don’t worry your photos on Facebook will look great and will be the envy to
everyone who sees and likes them!

The reward and sense of achievement

Coming together with 9000 riders from over 40 nations, of whom have trained ridiculously hard is truly rewarding!

All of those hours spent training, sat on the saddle finally adding up to this
momentous journey, finally giving you the satisfaction and justification you needed after all of those months grinding through the gears pushing the pedals round and round. The cold morning starts, the sweating right through to the end of those long rides of Britain’s rain and winds. All this brings you to this moment of release as you’re now in the paradise and haven of finishing one of the most prestigious rides in Europe higher than you’ve ever ridden before.

You’ve started from the bottom and you’ve worked your way to the top achieving what has your
goal been for so long … and what your family probably can’t wait to hear the end of!

Cibi e bevande deliziosi (Food and wine, ofcourse)

….No excursion over to Italy would be complete without a taste of the local delicacies
and wines, maybe even finding some bottles special enough for a box to be sent home for your
darling partner who will then appreciate your trip away just as much as you (#1 tip).

Enjoy all of the restaurants that the Dolomites has to offer as you replenish all of those calories
spent charging yourself up and down hills for multiple hours on end! There is no excuse to how
much you can afford to go and over indulge in all of the “bello cibo” whilst taking in once again the postcard views and amazing scenery.

The Dolomites is not alone in being one of the most well-known and established European cycling events… Make sure you keep a look out for our upcoming blogs covering the best rides across Europe.

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