Winter Cycling Training – Part 1

Don’t let your cycling fitness decrease through these wintry months! Take it as an opportunity to build yourself up ready for the 2018 season!

So as the dark nights roll in, the days get shorter and those mornings are colder, wetter and windier what is going to happen to your cycling fitness ambitions?? Fear not! Here at BBBH we have set up your alternatives so you can start thinking outside the box through the winter and be ready for the summer excursions!


We will kick off with Spinning. Every cyclists go-to class for a massive cardio boost and calorie burner, spinning has so many benefits! With spinning you push your lungs and legs to the max but it’s also a great way to keep your mental strength strong!

Spinning immage

Everyone has good days and bad days on and off the bike and your spinning class will help you develop that ‘can-do’ attitude to keep you pushing through the hard weather conditions, up long climbs and extending your endurance training! Mental self-discipline is one thing to keep on top of through the winter and a strenuous hour Spinning is a sure way to keep it sharp!

Turbo Trainer

Our next winter training alternative is the Turbo-trainer. Now the thought to some riders of sitting alone on your bike in the garage or spare room is mind-blowingly boring but when that typical English weather isn’t quite matching up to that Mediterranean dream climate and the wind could literally blow you over, your turbo trainer can be quite handy!

Turbo Trainer

You can never beat the feel of your bike soaring on the tarmac but a turbo trainer enables you to sneak in an interval session anytime to keep you in your top-end fitness without worrying about traffic lights, other road users and, of course, the wet British weather! There are plenty of Turbo training YouTube videos of various locations across Europe but we must warn you that they will never live up to or give justice to the actual places!

You have no excuses as to how far you go in the Summer season of 2018! Push yourself to limit and prepare for what you’ve always wanted to do, it’s only a bike box away!

Keep an eye out for our next instalment and if you interested in hiring a bike box for your next foreign cycling escapade then we are contactable by Facebook and can be back in touch with you within minutes!

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