Winter Cycling Training – Part 2

Don’t let your cycling fitness decrease through these wintry months! Take it as an opportunity to build yourself up ready for the 2018 season!

Last week we looked at some training alternatives for cycling through the cold months to keep your bike fitness high, this week we continue with some other ways to stay fit this winter.


Flowing onto a different kind of cardio and perfect for training through the winter is Swimming! For anyone who has competed in tri-athlons in Britain or abroad in sunnier places will know that swimming is a great way to keep your cardiovascular fitness higher and also keep your core strong.


Swimming will also lengthen through your hip flexors increasing your range of motion and breathing capacity, perfect for keeping your physique solid and race ready. It’s also fairly easy on the body, working as an ideal way to recover after a hard session.


Getting yourself a pair of decent running trainers is the only thing you will need for this one! If you’ve been on a running hiatus then be sure to start off nice and steady, maybe even alternating between running and walking for a minute at a time. This is one great alternative to keeping your cardio strong and sturdy but be aware if you over do it you can risk picking up an injury especially if you go out to hard and fast.


Studies have proved that by running regularly you can improve your reaction times aiding you for any moments that require some fast-thinking. It also gives you the time you need to clear your mind, process everything and plan your dream adventures of the not so distant future!

You have no excuses as to how far you go in the Summer season of 2018! Push yourself to limit and prepare for what you’ve always wanted to do, it’s only a bike box away!

Keep an eye out for our next instalment and if you interested in hiring a bike box for your next foreign cycling escapade then we are contactable by Facebook and can be back in touch with you within minutes!

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