Asia Cycling Holiday Ideas

Thanks to the modern day travel, it’s possible to take your bike with you anywhere in the world. Hiring a bike box means you can take your bike abroad without having to store a box in your house all year long. We only use Bike Box Alan bike boxes so you know there will be no way a clumsy baggage handler will end your trip before it’s started.

With so many beautiful locations you can go wherever your heart takes you. If you follow us on Instagram (or any other cycling account) you can see the picturesque and stunning photos that traveling with your bike opens up.

Taking your Bike on a Plane

Taking a bike box on a plane doesn’t have to be costly. Some airlines allow you to take it free of charge as part of your baggage allowance. A full list of airline fees and restrictions can be found here.

Throughout Asia there are spectacular rides and tours to experience. Here are just a few that took Banbury Bike Box Hire’s fancy.

Bangkok >> Phuket


Hire a bike box and take on this 850km ride along the beautiful East coast of Thailand. Along the way you can dine on the fresh seafood, admire the stunning blue waters and watch the idyllic sunsets. The roads are flat, fast and well-paved so you can enjoy the exhilarating ride with flourishing lush green scenery. Every morning you will be greeted with glorious sunshine and feel refreshed as you hit the road to make your way through the ‘Land of Smiles’ to the final destination of Phuket.

Southern China
Guizhou >> Guangxi


With a daily average of 63km this adventure will take you through hillside rice terraces, bamboo forests, tea plantations and pine forests. Experience the breath-taking views that China has to offer in the most spectacular way and also take advantage of the warming hospitality that the people are famed for. As with all holidays you have to pick the perfect timing for weather. In this particular region the peak time would be between September and October when the temperature is around 30ºC and rainfall is low (keep an English Summer in mind and you wouldn’t be far off).

Thailand / Malaysia / Singapore
Krabi >> Singapore


Feeling extra adventurous? Why not take on this 15 day epic journey through the charming and scenic countryside and coastal towns of Thailand and Malaysia. Explore and witness the mixture of cultures that have influenced these countries whilst taking advantage of the fantastic cuisines it has produced. From temples and ancient architecture to markets this cycling dream has everything to offer and totaling at just a tad over 1000km this would be the experience of a lifetime.

These rides are only scratching the surface on what Asia has to offer. Be sure to let us know if you or any of your fellow cyclists have experienced or are planning to experience these amazing adventures.



Hire a bike box with us to make sure your bike gets to your destination in one piece.

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